12-12-12 Triple Stargate

Celebrating the opening of the Final Triple StarGate of Time
(12/12/12-12/21/12)!Join us on this auspicious day, for a very special f*r*e*e* conference call at 12p.m.PST on 12/12/12!
***Rainbow Bridge visualization @ 12:12***

We will co-create a sacred circle in which we can all raise our vibrational frequencies in unison, in preparation for the dawning of this new Golden age in human and planetary evolution! Setting intentions and holding the vision for Peace, Love and Abundance for all!Simply call in for the one-hour conference call, so YOU can be a part of this powerful indigo-crystal soul family circle of healers, light workers and way-showers- co-creating the rainbow bridge in to this new reality- together as ONE commUNITY!

12/12/12 at 12p.m.PST:

Call-in number:

Conference Code:

~Hosted by:
Kandice Korves-Kaus
http://HolisticHooping.com/ & http://KundaliniHoopDance.com/


Hilary Heart Fractal

~”Beloved Family of Light, we celebrate with you this Great Moment of Transformation.
Let us open our hearts and minds to the Codes of Renewal, the cosmic light information packages or downloads that carry the instructions from the divine heart for the renewal of all creation at this new cycle of cosmic birthing. It is our privilege to receive and anchor this energy so that all on earth may benefit from the abundance and blessings that are pouring down to earth, activating our DNA, so that we may be in total alignment to receive the information of renewal and regeneration.
as the New Fifth Dimensional matrix takes shape and begins to manifest new ways of being that will express the Human Divine capacity for Love, Peace and Abundance. Every aspect of Life will be reconsidered and restructured to align with the New Reality. The old paradigms are crumbling away, and we will envision and replace them with a new way of life, based on sustainable and ethical principles that will guarantee the very basic human rights of food, shelter, clothing and education for everyone! WE are all called forth now, to know our true/ soul purpose in life and our star family that will support us as we share our gifts necessary for the awakening and transformation.
The indigo-crystal soul family are the ‘rainbow bridge’ into this new reality.
Once this “Rainbow Bridge” of new ideas and concepts has been established, you will “cross over” to a new Multi-dimensional way of life that honors the earth and all who live on her, and war and poverty will become things of the past.
We will take on a whole new form of life on our planet, moving to a place of joy and happiness with the new earth reality.
Our family of soul leaders will have seeded the new structures and communities that will take the Earth across the Rainbow bridge and into the Final Triple Stargate of Time gate. This will be the period from 12/12/12 to 21/12/12, a period of 9 days in which the final integrations and alignments with the Cosmic Heart will be achieved, and the earth will be “re-set” for her next Grand Cycle of Evolution into Peace, Harmony and Love.
This could mean great changes in the lives of many as we prepare for what we will call the ‘final shift’ in this process of 2012.”
It is indeed a time for joy and celebration!!!592185_118213265009535_1575923702_n


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