your inner masculine & feminine in balance

Men and women possess qualities that are both, masculine and feminine.

When you balance the feminine and masculine aspects within yourself, regardless if you are male or female, you get to experience your whole and complete human being that is strong, wise, loving and creative and, at the same time, nurturing and gentle.

It is our nature to embody both masculine and feminine qualities even though in our past history and culture, we have witnessed an over-emphasis on the masculine energies which have dominated and brought us off-balance.

Some believe that today we are more in need of embracing the feminine aspects within us all, such as being nurturing and receptive, which, in the past, have been perceived as weak. The masculine qualities have overtaken in our culture evidenced by our state of chronic stress.

We are in need of re-balancing as a whole, for the continued growth and existence of our population.

Let us take a closer look and notice how we may start to bring more balance to our world, one person at a time.

When we take the time to embrace the whole person that we are and balance between our feminine and masculine aspects, we each bring more balance to our collective consciousness, planet and universe.


Masculine qualities are characterized by being:









Feminine qualities are characterized by being :



instinctual wisdom






Notice if any of the above qualities in you require more practice or development, then choose to bring more of those qualities into your everyday being.

Do you resonate more with the feminine or masculine aspects of yourself? Notice if you feel balanced or preferring one over the other.

We sometimes seek an opposite sex partner to feel more whole if we are off-balance within ourselves.

The more we balance our feminine and masculine energies within us, the more we are able to be in a healthy and balanced relationship with someone, motivated by authentic and not ‘needy’ love.

How balanced are you between your feminine and masculine energy?

Take this quick True or False quiz to find out.


_______ I know how to set healthy boundaries for myself and say “No” when I feel I have to.

_______ I express my true emotions, desires and feelings with others. I am in touch with my emotions and it is OK for me to cry.

_______ I nurture my body-mind when it is tired or overwhelmed by slowing down, resting and engaging in activities that relax and re-energize me.

_______ I make time to just ‘Be myself’ without any agenda or need to accomplish. I know how to play and have fun, but also know when to work and get things done.

_______ I know how to initiate a project and complete it.

_______ I know that I am valuable, lovable and respectable. I hold myself in the highest regard. This self-awareness allows me to do the same when I relate with others.

_______ I care about others and seek balance and peace in our community, rather than only thinking about my own self and my own personal gains.

_______ I live my soul’s purpose and I focus on achieving my personal goals instead of focusing on what others need to change about themselves.

_______ I nurture myself and know how to be compassionate towards myself and others.

If you answered ‘True’ to most of these statements, then you are balanced between your male and female qualities.

If you answered ‘False’ to more than half of these statements, then you may greatly benefit from embodying the above-mentioned qualities into your daily life.

What do you do to balance and feel more whole?

Let me know in the comments and share this article with a friend.


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