On Feeling The Flow And Appreciating Small Miracles


monarch_genome by: Rebecca Buttignol

Yesterday  morning I went SUP’ing-stand- up- paddleboarding in the Ogunquit River and I was first paddling against the current which is good exercise and builds strength though  I felt like I was going nowhere, even backwards sometimes if I wasn’t paddling hard enough, but I went a good distance for the sake of exercise and it was enjoyable effort and so I could enjoy a good ride back going with the current. Eventually I turned around and was GOING WITH THE FLOW of the current it was such an easy ride and I was carried along without any effort. That was fun too and I acknowledged how it is just as necessary to work against the current as well as to flow with it. It always goes both ways.  I was most definitely FEELING THE FLOW both directions and I enjoyed them equally.

I started noticing the monarch butterflies fluttering south down the river one after the other on their migration to Mexico. I don’t always see this every year. I’ll see Monarchs but not a stream of them flying one after the other in migration. I said “goodbye, good luck, happy flight” to every one of them and felt such a sense of the miraculousness of Life. What a lovely gift.


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